5 Best Ways To Earn Money Online In Pakistan
Earn money online in Pakistan

5 Best Ways To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

The Internet is full of blogs telling you how to earn money online in Pakistan but in this post we are going to help you find ways to do it yourself. 
To earn money online in Pakistan, you must be patient, have tolerance, and have faith in yourself. You’ll succeed in this field if you’re consistent and learning-oriented. 

Top 5 ways to Earn Money Online 

– Freelancing
– Blogging
– YouTube
– Digital marketing
– Influencer Marketing


Pakistan has a boom in the freelance industry, and it is growing rapidly. Since you are not selling anything tangible, freelance work eliminates the need to source and manage physical inventory. It’s a simple matter of selling services online globally. 
You must be wondering what to do and how to begin freelancing? Freelancing is not a problem. You need to be a master at one field and only ONE FIELD. We’ve seen that many freelancing people are uncertain about what to offer to their clients. 
In order to succeed in a specific field, you must be very good at it. For instance, if you are a housewife, you can offer your recipes on freelancer sites such as upwork, fiverr and freelancer
To get started, you need a portfolio or some sample work to show to prospective clients, since no one will hire an inexperienced person. 

How To Create A Portfolio:

It is possible to upload and showcase your talent on your own website by purchasing a domain and hosting. You can use your website to get online clients as well as to promote your business. Once you have set up your portfolio, you can reach out to potential clients who are looking for virtual assistants for their businesses. Being consistent and patient is the key to success. Success is sure to come your way on this path.


Earning money online from writing and blogging is possible. If you’re interested in blogging, we recommend that you choose a specific niche. 
Niche selection is very important nowadays because continuing to write in a certain area of expertise will allow you to generate more income and revenue versus writing on general topics in general. 
Google can determine more about you and your website by writing about a specific category. In the past few years, Google’s ranking algorithm and system have changed considerably. Now, Google ranks websites that write about a specific niche. It should only be fitness-related content if, for example, you enjoy writing about fitness. 
It is recommended to start your own blog (a personal website) if you have some experience in blogging. On the other hand, if you’re just getting started with blogging, then we suggest writing blogs on platforms like blogger and blogspot.
You just need to sign up with one of the websites above, choose a blog name, and begin writing. You can start writing good blogs by searching for similar topics on the internet and by checking out similar articles from other websites. This will help you understand how to write blogs according to the guidelines. 

Are you wondering how much I will earn from blogging?

Answer: You can earn as much as you want as long as you upload 5-7 blogs each week and provide quality content.


The topic of making money through YouTube is very hot nowadays. Millions of people earn money through YouTube every day. The incomes of some people are in millions, while earnings of others are in hundreds. Your efforts and consistency will determine the success of your channel and your content.  Creating a successful YouTube channel today can be challenging in 2021 since there is so much competition in almost every niche, but by following these simple yet effective tips, you can achieve success for years to come: 

1. Niche Selection: 

Choose a category that you are really excited about specializing in, so you will not feel bored while working on your YouTube channel.


2. Video Editing :

Get some video editing skills or hire someone to edit your videos for you so that the audience of your channel gets highly engaging content.

3. Consistency:

Like every other work, Consistency is most important thing here. It is not just about being consistent, but also about being innovative. Be sure your content relates to the latest news or trending topics.

4. Get Advantage of Viral Content

Gain a benefit from the extremely high volume searches of anything that goes viral all over the globe or in your country to attain the most viewers and views from the searches for viral content. The first place they search when they find some viral content or news is YouTube or Google. 

5. Social Media:

Keep a good appearance on social media platforms.

Digital Marketing:

In the past few decades, marketing has evolved a lot. With the advent of Digital Marketing, simple marketing has become obsolete. The traditional and old methods of marketing have been upgraded with modern techniques. 
The field of digital marketing is vast and it is constantly changing. With each passing day, digital marketers have more opportunities and challenges in establishing their brands, businesses, or doing digital marketing for clients. 
It is important to know that digital marketing is a field of passion and if you are eager to learn, then you should start exploring this field. 

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of activities, including:

– Facebook Ads

– Google Adsense

– SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

– Pay per click

– Social media marketing

– Email marketing 

– Mobile marketing

– Marketing analytics

Through digital marketing, the following components are accomplished. As a beginner, you can expect to make $500 to 750 per month, or even more, if you are able to work full time on each component. However, if you’re just getting started, the amount that has been mentioned is likely to be enough. 
If you are interested in getting started with digital marketing, we suggest you pick one of the components described above and start practicing until you become a master in that category. If you have mastered one category, check out the others. 
By taking care of your clients and customers’ social media accounts, doing email marketing for them, helping them get leads, being an ambassador of their brand, and growing your presence as a digital marketer, you can earn money in this field.

Influencer Marketing : 

In the digital era, Influencer Marketing is in vogue right now. Influencer marketing mostly occurs on Instagram among renowned brands. Many bloggers have found success as Influencers because of their large followings on social media. Thus, they simply post a picture or a story with the Brand they want to represent and describe why that product is special and how it wins over customers. 
Influencers may as well receive coupon codes from brands, so they can give readers a coupon code when they talk about the product. So, everybody can use the coupon code to get discounts.
In order to become an influencer marketer, you will need to understand the basics of communication, presentation skills, and how much influence you have with people. As a result of all these attributes, you can become an influential marketer in Pakistan.

These are all the ways to earn money online in Pakistan. Please share this blog with your friends and colleagues if you found it useful to help them earn money online. Any questions you may have can be submitted in the comments below.

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